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Peak Chiro Plus Reviews

What Our Vaughan Patients Say

At Peak Chiro Plus we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Excellent Experience

I am a former division 1 and professional athlete and have been suffering from post concussion syndrome for a year. I was referred to Peak Chiro Plus and over time saw improvements with some of my symptoms. I highly recommend seeing Nick for any concussion symptoms and after effects. I have continued to get treatment as it helps my recovery.
– Matt C.

Friendly and Informative

I went to get an X-ray at a walk-in clinic and they said I’d be out of baseball for 6 weeks with an AC joint separation. After coming to Peak Physio I was back on the field in 10 days. The treatment was amazing and the service was phenomenal. Dr. Nick Fava and my parents have known each other for years so when I came in it felt like walking into a family business. When we asked questions he’d give answers and was completely honest about all the treatment as well as exactly what the specific treatment would do.
-Luca D.

Highly Recommend

From a sharp pang in my back to a full blown pain I had to seek chiropractic services. At first I was a little apprehensive for this was to be my first encounter with Dr Nick but his practice was close by. In his quiet, friendly manner his professionalism took care of my doubts and took the pain to task.Over the years whenever I needed further treatments I never hesitated in contacting him even when he moved my back and I followed him. I would highly highly recommend Dr Nick to anyone desiring chiropractic treatment.
– Harry L.

Looking Younger

Feeling and looking great with Microcurrent Facial Treatments. The benefits I experienced were getting sleeps that were more restful, waking up with noticeably improved energy and mood, as well as looking visually rested. More specifically, my eye lids are less droopy. The crow’s feet around my eyes and wrinkles under my eyes are gone. The grooves on the sides of my mouth are less deep. The fine lines on my forehead are greatly reduced. My cheek bones are higher. Overall, my skin feels softer and smoother. The treatment is natural, non-invasive and painless. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look younger and feel healthier. Thanks, Dr. Nicoletta, for suggesting this treatment for me.
– Angela B.

6 Hour Job With NO Pain

After going to see Dr. Nick for chiropractic care, I was feeling consistently better. However, what had really sold me was after working on my wife’s car for 6 hours, I had felt absolutely fine. A job as such would leave me in long-lasting pain. But thanks to Dr. Nick, I was able to complete the job without an ache and feel fine afterwards.
– Cory M.

20 Years of Pain Finally Subsided

I was in a bad car accident 20 years ago and had on going neck and back pain. The car accident resulted in broke ribs, a broken tail bone and many other injuries. On top of that, I also developed plantar fasciitis in my foot over the years. I went to a different chiro clinic with no long term beneficial results and was then encouraged to come see Dr. Nick from a family member. After seeing Dr. Nick for roughly a month, my foot pain had become manageable. I gained movement in my neck and I began to feel released pressure from my tailbone. I am not at 100% as of yet, but as I continue to come to this clinic, I slowly approach it. I would highly encourage anyone with either serious problems or someone just looking for maintenance, to come see Dr. Nick and/or his team. He takes care of his patience rather than a quick in/out visit.
– Jessie P.

100% recommended for Back Pain

I saw my family doctor because I had lots of low back pain. I was using medication, but it wasn’t working. He recommended that I go to Peak Chiro Plus. I saw Dr. Nick Fava and felt 90% better after my first visit! And I have been getting better and better with each visit after that. I recommend Dr. Fava 100%. I am very happy with my results!
– Claudia Z.

Amazing Chiropractic and Massage

Dr. Fava has been treating me for back and neck pain from a motor vehicle accident. He is professional and takes the time to explain everything and delivers the best treatments and care as possible! The receptionist, Amanda is always polite and helpful, which makes scheduling my visits very smooth.The clinic hours are great, as I can always be seen on the weekend/after work in the evening. I have noticed a positive change in my body since receiving treatment, and highly recommend Peak Chiro Plus to anybody who needs to be treated for chiropractic/massage/acupuncture :)
– Jaya S.

Thanks for Keeping Me Moving!

For the last 4 years, I struggled with back and leg pains. Going for a casual walk down the street seemed impossible as 5 minutes in, I’d be searching for something to lean on for support. My sciatica was the source of my problem. Dr. Fava began treating me, and suggested a weekly schedule to keep an eye on my progress and help me on the road to recovery. Now I am out and about enjoying a pain-free life!
– John G.

Pain Free

I work as a Nail Technician. My thumb was killing me by the end of my shifts. I saw Dr. Nick for it and he thought it was coming from my neck. I have had no thumb pain for about 6 months now. Dr. Nick fixed my issue in 3 treatments! Now I see him from my back too. He is keeping me working PAIN FREE. Go see him!
– Thu L.

Positive Visits

My experience on every visit at Peak Chiro Plus is a positive one. My running has improved greatly as a result of Dr. Nick Fava’s treatment of my back and feet, my orthodics and his overall advice for improving my strength and health has helped me to move pass my previous limitations and strive to set greater goals for myself. Thank staff and facilities are amazing and I would encourage all to visit Peak Chiro Plus!!
– Pina N.

Great Care and Great Advice!

I smashed my ankle between a Sea-doo and the metal post of a dock. It twisted my ankle and caused a large cut into my skin. After seeing Dr. Fava, he said that it was a bad bone bruise and a sprained ankle. He suggested that I see my Family Doctor because the ankle might be infected because of the cut. He was right and I was prescribed anti-biotics by my MD. Between the laser, the untrasound, the anti-biotics and the ankle taping, I was able to return to work after a few days. Thank you Dr. Fava your the best! It feels so much better and more mobile. See you Thursday!
– Angela L.

Top Notch Care

Pain killers have been my friends for years because of back and leg pain. My MD suggested that I go see Dr. Fava for therapy. He explained what he found and recommended care which included his in-house Physiotherapist. The results have been great! I can walk and sit almost pain free and do most activities without limits. Nor bad for someone with pretty bad osteoarthritis. The clinic is clean and comfortable, the staff is friendly and my care was top notch!
– John R.

Great Results

I suffer from knee issues that come and go for the last 12 years. MRI’s show meniscus tears. When it hits I am limping and losing of sleep. No matter how much ice use and how much Motrin I take, I wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep. After getting acupuncture and taping I was able to sleep through the night and walk! I love that they incorporate many different techniques to get results. Nice people. Great results. Give them a call!
– Nicolas F.

Don’t Ignore the Pain!

The staff at Peak Chiro Plus are amazing! I kept trying to ignore the neck pain that I was experiencing but it would not go away. It actually got to the point where I was losing feeling in my fingers! I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Nick and Farzad and within a few sessions the pain eased and I was able to FINALLY sleep at night. I am now able to complete daily routines pain-free! I would highly recommend that if you are in pain to call today!
– Laura D.

Professional Personal Care

I’ve been receiving Chiropractic care for over 25 years and have received treatment from various Chiropractors which in turn has made me very aware of the differences between techniques that work and ones that don’t. I owe my physical abilities to this point to Chiropractic care that’s helped me get through sports/vehicle and work injuries. Anybody out there that’s still on the fence about entrusting whatever pain you’re feeling to this type of treatment you will never know what it means to live pain free. Dr. Fava has been treating me since he opened up his clinic and he’s helped me resolve many issues that still plague me to this day. The entire staff have always treated me with a professionalism that can’t be beat especially when comparing other places of business and wellness facilities in today’s society. I will always continue to recommend Dr. Fava and his clinic to everyone who is searching to live their lives physically better!
– Robert Z.

Great People, Awesome Service

I have had continuous chiropractic care for my lower back, severe low back pain. Many chiropractors have not been able to treat my issue properly and I typically left their office in more pain then before I arrived. Dr Fava has been the best chiropractor that I have found in my 20 years of chiro care. Dr Fava has a different technique and approach when caring for his patients. He introduced me to acupuncture — Now I use acupuncture along with Chiropractic care as a preventative measure and it help reduce my stress level. Great people, awesome service, highly recommended!
– Ron R.

Pain Gone

I stepped off my machine at work and twisted my left ankle. I was seeing Dr. Nick that night for a chiropractic treatment and mentioned my ankle. He said that I strained my Achilles tendon. He said that acupuncture would help. The pain was gone after 1 session! This guy knows what he’s doing. I highly recommend him.
– Gianni V.

Feel Like Dancing!

I have been seeing Dr. Nick for a number of years. He is never rushed and takes his time answering any questions. Being a dancer causes my hips to feel tight and unbalanced. His adjustments and trigger point work loosens me up and keeps me balanced. I definitely dance better after I’ve seen Dr. Nick!
– Julianna V.

High Quality Service

I and my family have been seeing Dr. Fava for chiropractic and acupuncture care for over 15 years and have always been treated with courtesy, honesty and professionalism. The treatments are top notch and I always feel much better at the end of my sessions. I see Dr. Fava for regular, preventative treatment and do not require “extra” sessions. The massage staff are effective as well tailoring their services to individual needs. All the staff listen and deal with the issues that you outline as well as providing helpful suggestions for home care.I highly recommend their services.
– Michela P.

Friendly, yet professional atmosphere

My experience at Peak Chiro Plus has been phenomenal. I’ve always felt like the staff always went above and beyond making me feel very cared for. The massage therapist is very professional and friendly. Dr. Fava is always so knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions that I have and I’ve always enjoyed going in for my massage/chiro combination. The front desk is always very helpful and pleasant as well. Overall, my time spent at Peak Chiro Plus is always one I look forward to as I make sure to keep myself in optimum health with their services.
– Maria F.

Ethical Effective Care

Dr. Fava and his team have been taking care of me for years. Treatment is top notch and he always takes time to answer my questions and always makes me feel comfortable. The best chiropractor in the city! I highly recommend them to my family and friends.
– Cosimo F.

High Quality Service with Personable Staff

I have been going for physio and chiropractic sessions for over a year now, and I just love the service I have been getting. The staff is very knowledgeable and provide quality service. They work around your schedule and cater towards treating their patients.
– Ashank N.

100% Satisfied

I have been seeing Dr. Fava for over 10 years for regular adjustments and treatment of sports injuries. His professional knowledge and hands-on approach has helped me function at my best. I am able to continue my active lifestyle and do so pain-free! I have been able to compliment my chiropractic treatments with massage therapy and physiotherapy for back and knee injuries. Dr. Fava and the other practitioners at Peak Chiro Plus go above and beyond to ensure that I leave each visit feeling 100% satisfied!
– Felicia D.

Courteous, Reliable and Honest

I am extremely pleased with the the level of professionalism at this clinic. Staff and doctors are kind and eager to assist me in my path to a life without pain. Most importantly is the fact that the services offered are explained in details, and that there is no pressure placed on me to obtain services that are unnecessary to my needs.
– Vita D.

Great Treatment

To Dr. Nick Thank you for everything, you have been a great help throughout my soccer career and are one of the reasons I am still able to play! Your treatments to my post surgical knees and my low back have kept me in the game. See you soon!
– Amanda B.

The Best!

Dr. Fava & his team at Peak Chiro Plus are the absolute best in the industry. I have been seeing Dr. Fava for the last 11 years after a serious car accident. With his expertise and knowledge, he has helped me to recover and live my life to the fullest. Dr. Fava is very patient, caring and takes great pride in his work. If you are looking for a doctor who can improve your quality of life through Chiropractic care, then Dr. Fava is the answer. Andrew is also a great part of the team, providing excellent massage therapy treatments. Thank you so much Peak Chiro Plus for your outstanding work & care.
– Maria C.

Great Experience

I was having back pains and frequent headaches and was recommended to see Dr. Nick Fava. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a first timer. I’m happy I made the choice to visit him. He is a great guy very easy and pleasant to talk too.
– Nicky N

Highly Recommend!

My entire family are patients of Dr.Fava and his team!! He is not only an amazing healer, but is also a very kind and caring person who genuinely cares!!! After the severe car accident I had he has helped me tremendously.Very educated and knowledgeable in his field of medicine and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! Thank you so much
– Daniela L

Years of Benefit

I have been seeing, Dr Nick Fava, since he started his Chiropractic/Physio practice, unlike many practioners, he actually cares about his patients and helps them to heal and function pain free. Without him and his Excellent Massage Therapists, (that I use regularly in combination of Dr. Fava’s treatments and guidance), I would be living in uncomfortable pain with limited mobility, especially after several knee surgeries and back issues. If you care about the quality of your life — health-wise — you owe it to yourself to make an appointment and start living a pain-free life with Chiro and Message Therapy – by the kind, caring and professional staff at Dr. Nick Fava’s Office.
– Enzo L

Amazing Results

Dr. Fava & his team at Peak Chiro Plus are the most caring and give the utmost in personal service for your optimum health. I was referred to Dr. Nick Fava & team about 4 years ago by a colleague who had amazing results there. I had a shoulder injury and the care and support was second to none. Recently I reinjured the same shoulder and required treatment again. Nick had me on the path to recovery in no time. It is reassuring to know that in my time of need, Nick & the entire team will always be there.
– Rhonda P

Turning Back the Clock

I highly recommend Peak Chiro Plus. Dr. Nick Fava is a miracle worker. A few years back I had back problems, and Nick got me back to feeling like I was 25 again. A few weeks ago, my back went out again. It was worse than a few years ago, I couldn’t walk. I phoned Nick and he took me in right away. Within a very short time, Dr. Nick Fava had me feeling amazing. Nick is truly a professional, who cares. I highly recommend Dr. Nick Fava at Peak Chiro Plus. Thanks Nick, for making me feel like I am 25 again!
– Donato A

Knowledgeable and Caring

I highly recommend Peak Chiro Plus – their expertise and services are second to none! Dr. Nick J. Fava and his friendly staff are welcoming put me at ease. I had severe lower back pain and didn’t know what to expect. Nick is not only knowledgeable; he is also very kind and personable. He provided me with a detailed explanation of the treatments I would receive along with giving me follow-up exercises to strengthen my back.

Appointments were accommodating and I never had to wait. I am so grateful to Nick as after several treatments, I have been pain-free and able to continue with my routine. My family has also since come to see Nick and his team for other sports-related rehabilitation and we have been extremely happy with the results.
– Kant T

True Professional

Years of suffering, pain and disbelief in chiropractic and massage therapy faded away after visiting Dr. Nick’s clinic. Once again I was convinced that, there are different levels of “professionals” out there. License is not all! Nick Fava is not just source of knowledge of your body and its treatment, also, he has a big heart and patience to listen and understand each one of his clients and find the best treatment for you. Never felt any pressure or pushed to purchase services with no reason. You have professional team working together includes: Chiro, Physio, Acupuncture, Massage and more to bring you back to your happy, no pain life again. I definitely recommend to give it a try. You’ll thank me later!
– Vladimir S

Worth the Trip

I started seeing Dr. Fava after a car accident that I had about 25 years ago. His team helped to get me through that with great results. I decided to continue to see him regularly after that for chiro and massage. I moved away a few years ago but still make the effort to drive in to see him many times every year for treatment and for my foot orthotics. Dr. Fava always takes the time to ask me how I am doing and he really makes sure he knows what I need each visit. His full attention is worth my driving. I recommend him to all my family and friends. I would like to continue to see him forever!
– Dolly G

My Favourite Clinic

Peak Chiro Plus is a welcoming environment that provides great care. They are professional as well as compassionate with their patients and always create a safe space to receive treatment. Everyone is kind to one another and you feel as though you are part of a family whenever you walk through those doors. Definitely my favourite clinic to ever receive treatment at!
– Isabella A

Full Body Arthritis Relief

After experiencing excruciating joint pain in my knees and ankles and later diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, I took it upon myself to see Dr. Nick Fava in hope for some relief. Within the first few sessions, I began to notice decreased swelling and increased range of motion which helped me in managing my pain. I have been seeing Dr. Nick for over 5 months and my transition has been incredible.

Dr. Nick is very professional and does a thorough analysis to better determine which course of treatment is best. He goes beyond just being a chiropractic doctor and truly cares about the progression and recovery of his patients. Dr. Nick is very welcoming, friendly, and committed which is shown through his practice. Thanks to Dr. Nick, my ability to walk, pain free, has greatly improved and I have started to engage in physical activity. Not only have I seen my improvement, but specialists have also recognized the drastic recovery.

I highly recommend Dr. Nick for chiropractic treatment!
– Brianna L

Amazing Back Pain relief

Having tried so many different methods over the pass year with a terrible back pain nothing really worked.I was referred to Dr Nick Fava by a friend who told me he was amazing. After my first appointment I felt a big difference and I knew I was in good hands, After 4 sections over a month the pain was gone and I was functional again, Thank you Dr Nick Fava.
– Marcel M

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